Our team is specialized on product design and development optimized for manufacturing. From first concepts to detailed industrial designs, from prototyping to full-scale production, we support our clients through the full development process.

Right Choice of Materials

The right choice of materials is crucial not only for the lifetime of a product, but as well for the manufacturing process and its stability. With our experience in Materials Research and Development we support our clients in making the right choice of materials for their process.

Process Development and Optimization

Years of experience in the processing and manufacturing world give our engineers the right know how and skills to perform independent process analysis and evaluation. We optimize our clients manufacturing processes and take the lead to develop new processing pathways.

Technical Project Management

Our team of project engineers helps to manage technical projects without increasing the company’s overheads. Due to the high technical work experience of each engineer and the collaboration within the team training periods are significantly reduced. A fast and cost efficient time to market will be achieved.

Technology Sparring

Specialized know how in a unique technology is often not enough. The feedback and experience of an interdisciplinary engineering team can decide between a successful development story and a journey full of setbacks. Our team combines know how from fields such as: Mechanical Engineering, Processing, Industrial Design, Polymer Engineering, Manufacturing, Electrical Engineering, Technical Marketing and Project Management. Let us be your technical sparring partner.